Saturday, August 20, 2011


Greeting's America, I just wanted to share a couple of work's that are in the Patent Pending stage. I had to hold off, for just a minute, so that the Patent Pending process got out in front of anyone else before I exposed this. These are work's that I will get to our top Scientist for Development. God gave me these work's to help raise our Poverty Level and that is exactly what I will do !

Before I share those, with you, I wanted to share my formula for product development; In Genesis 11 God came down and saw that we could do anything. He saw that we were trying to build a Tower to get to Heaven; God knew that we would forever be stacking, stone upon stone, and took compassion on us all and in Genesis 12, sent us Abraham and now thousand's of year's later, we have a way to get to Heaven ! 

That tell's me " We can do anything ! "

The first one is going to take Nuclear Power and the Combustion Engine off of the face of this Planet.

Magnetic Turbine Propulion Utilizes Fe 16 N 2 Crystal's, SmCo5 Coercivity Mechanisn, Iron Cobalt, Combining, Samarium and Gadolinium in the Alloy; the temperature coercivity, eddy current, reverse polarity, will be reduced to zero by alternating the electric impulse directive, by distributer, to fire the magnet's alternately, allowing ample time between impulse's for each magnet to cool. By alternating magnet's, allowing time for each magnet to cool, between firing, the magnet's energy coersivity and usage is unobstructed, at 800c, the heat threshold, allowing continued usage to replace Nuclear Energy and the Combustion Engine.

This one will Control Climate and restore our Antarctic and Arctic''s Glacier's.

Crystal Saint Cobain, that keep's it's solidity at 30c within an infrared beam, beamed from Satelllte to Satellite, will form a grid over the region and refract's the UV ray's that cause the ice to melt during the summer month's, restoring our Arctic and Antarctic ice packs and allow's the light to still pass through.

I will License these Internationally !

" Till All Success Be Nobleness And Every Gain Divine "

Happy Pursuit of Happiness America !

Roland Durphy Menard III